Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bowing to Baines

Yesterday was epic. After a great drive across the pans and stay at Kubu Island, our convoy weaved through the woodland following myriad sand tracks, some drivers paying more heed to the instructions of Doris on the GPS, who I am sure had no clue which of the next four forks was the right one, than their eyes and sense. It is also quite amusing to take a sharp left turn in the middle of an endless pan because Doris says so. Anyway we reached Gweta eventually. But if we thought we had seen the worst, we were about to be taught a lesson.

The "road" in Nxai National Park to Baines' Baobabs, our next camp, is probably one of the worst sand tracks one could wish for - "strictly 4x4s" as the sign at the gate admonishes. You should believe it. My 4x2 Hilux gallantly ploughed a few k's in, where a small rise slowed it to a standstill. I was not the only one - 4x4 vehicles with trailers also bogged down. After much struggle, digging, towing, to-ing and fro-ing we managed to turn the convoy around, and headed for the gate in a cloud of dust, collective tails between our legs. No refunds were forthcoming from the determined ladies at the gate, so we headed to Maun in the dark. This drive was hazardous enough in its own right: zebra (scores of the them), cattle and donkeys reflectorless and paying no heed to rules of the road, meandered across the tar strip. One errant cow had Marion inadvertently shouting "STOP!!" into the walkie-talkie, her finger firmly pressed on the press-to-talk button, for the benefit of the rest of the convoy.

Kubu Island

Here's a link to a growing Safari album on Google Photos: Safari 2015

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